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WordPress Integration Using Short-codes
WordPress Integration Using Short-codes

Add a Job Board to your website within a matter of minutes and start pushing jobs to from your Recruitly account.

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Recruitly WordPress Plugin provides an easy way to integrate a fully-fledged job board directly into your WordPress Site.

Install Instructions:

Please visit this link to obtain API Key For API Server value please talk to us on Live Chat support.

Set-up your job board using short codes:

Recruitly plugin populates a custom post type – you are free to use and render the data the way you want to suit your design. Alternatively, you can also use the default short-codes offered:

WordPress Short-codes:

Job search form:
Displays job search form

[recruitly_job_search target="/YOUR_JOBS_LISTING_PAGE" cssclass="jumbotron padding-20"]

target = Job search results page to navigate to.
cssclass = CSS class you would like to add to the rendered DIV.

Job listing:
Displays jobs, results filtered by the job search form


Job sector widget:
Display a list of jobs for the given sector

[recruitly_job_sector_widget target="/YOUR_JOBS_LISTING_PAGE" sector="aeronautics-and-defence" count=5]

target = Job search results page to navigate to.
sector = Name of the sector, all lowercase separated by a dash.
count = Number of jobs to display.

Recent jobs list:
Display n recent jobs

[recruitly_jobs_recent count=5]

count = Number of jobs to display.

Count of live jobs:
Display count of live jobs


Job recruiter profile picture:
Display profile picture of owner of the job


Job Banner Image:

Showcase the job banner image using the post type featured image or thumbnail image.

Job Detailed Image:

Present the job detailed image using the shortcode:


Job location:
Display job city or region in case of office-based roles. Display job country and remote flag in case of fully remote roles


Job language list:
Displays job languages as a list wrapped in <ul> <li> elements


Job web advert field:
Display any field from Web Advert section of the job

[recruitly_job_web_field fieldname='recruitmentProcess']

Available field names







Custom Styling

You have full control over styling:

Widget Styling

For widgets copy job-sector-widget.php from plugin folder to /your-theme-folder/recruitly/job-sector-widget.php

Job Listing Styling

For job listing copy job-listing.php from plugin folder to /your-theme-folder/recruitly/job-listing.php

Job Search Form Styling

For job search copy job-search-form.php from plugin folder /your-theme-folder/recruitly/job-search-form.php

Recent Jobs Styling

For recent job listing copy job-recent-jobs-widget.php from plugin folder /your-theme-folder/recruitly/job-recent-jobs-widget.php

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