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Why is My Indeed Integration Not Working?
Why is My Indeed Integration Not Working?

Explore common issues and solutions for non-functioning Indeed integrations in this concise guide.

Updated over a week ago

All jobs posted to Indeed via Recruitly are completely FREE. They are not Sponsored/Paid jobs. is a mega-aggregator job search engine and undisputedly the world's no. 1 job board. It attracts over 250 million unique visitors per month while counting at least 150 million resumes on its platform. So, posting your jobs on Indeed is a worthwhile investment.

If your jobs are not being posted to Indeed, please make sure the below key points are covered:

1. Indeed integration is in place and the Indeed team replied to your mail with                        acknowledgement.

Follow all the steps in the link:

2. Job feed is updated every 4-6 hours.

Indeed's job feed is updated every 4-6 hours, please wait for this period.

3. Free jobs will not be seen on the Indeed backend list of jobs

The jobs you're posting via Recruitly are all Free Jobs and will not be available in the backend.

4. Minimum 2 jobs in the feed.

Your Indeed feed must have at least 2 jobs that you’re posting to it.

5. An exact number of jobs should appear on your website.

Your public-facing website must have the exact number of jobs, not less and not more. It should also have the same jobs posted for Indeed's verification process. Please ensure this.

6. Should not duplicate jobs per location.

Your jobs in different locations for the same role cannot be posted as different jobs. For example, if you have a Manager role for 3 different offices located in Manchester, London, and Spain, these cannot be posted as 3 different jobs on Indeed.

Indeed support team usually takes about 2 weeks to verify and activate your integration. Please be patient while they review your feed, rest assured that the Recruitly support team will answer any queries the Indeed support team might raise. Once the integration is in place you will hear from the Indeed support team member confirming the same.

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