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The Function of Neverbounce in Recruitly's In-Built Marketing Module
The Function of Neverbounce in Recruitly's In-Built Marketing Module

Discover how Neverbounce enhances Recruitly's marketing module by ensuring accurate email list hygiene.

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NeverBounce plays a crucial role in our system, particularly in the context of validating email addresses before initiating any marketing campaigns through Recruitly's integrated marketing module. Its primary function revolves around the verification of email addresses, serving as a preventive measure to minimize the occurrence of email bounces. This ensures that your marketing campaigns maintain a high level of deliverability and effectiveness.

Here's a brief overview of how it operates:

  1. The initial step involves following this article to seamlessly integrate NeverBounce with Recruitly: Neverbounce Integration

  2. Once the integration is set up, you will need to acquire credits directly from NeverBounce to enable the email validation process. You can explore the pricing details and purchase credits on the NeverBounce website: NeverBounce Pricing.

  3. Upon purchasing credits, navigate to the Recruitly Marketplace section and select "manage" to configure and oversee your NeverBounce integration:

  4. Click on the green re-sync button. After clicking the green re-sync button, your credits will be visible.

  5. Ensure to toggle ON the "Enable Validation" feature.


With these steps, your lists will be automatically validated when sending out a campaign.

Neverbounce Credits: These credits are utilized for email validation and need to be purchased from your Neverbounce account.

Recruitly Marketing Credits: These credits are used for sending marketing emails and can be purchased directly from the Recruitly Team.

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