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Xero Invoice Reconciliation
Xero Invoice Reconciliation

Simplify your financial workflows with our expert guide on Xero invoice reconciliation.

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This detailed guide aims to assist users in linking invoices raised directly in Xero to placements in Recruitly. By following these steps, users can streamline the reconciliation process and maintain accurate records.

How to Link an Invoice to a Placement:

  1. Navigate to your home page/dashboard section. Click on "+New Dashboard" to create a new dashboard or choose an existing one.

  2. Click on "+Add Widget" and select the "Xero Invoices" widget, to display all Xero invoices available for reconciliation.

  3. Filter pending invoices by applying the "Pending Invoices" filter. Click on the "Link" button next to the invoice you want to associate with a placement.

  4. In the dialogue box, choose the appropriate placement and click on "Link & Mark as Done."

  5. To split an invoice between placements, click on "Split." Fill out necessary placement details and click on "Split & Mark as Done."

  6. If you prefer not to link an invoice to a placement, directly click on "Mark as Resolved" on the home page.

Apply the "Resolved Invoices'' filter in the widget to view all resolved invoices. You can mark invoices as un-resolved and link them to a placement later.

This user-friendly process allows you to seamlessly link Xero invoices to relevant placements in Recruitly, ensuring accurate and efficient invoice reconciliation. Take advantage of the provided filters and options to streamline your workflow and maintain a well-organized financial record.

For further assistance or queries, please reach out to our support team.

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