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How to Enable NeverBounce Email Validation for Sequences
How to Enable NeverBounce Email Validation for Sequences

Ensure email deliverability with our guide on enabling NeverBounce Email Validation for Sequences.

Updated over a week ago

Email validation is a critical aspect of any recruitment process to ensure effective communication with candidates. With the integration of NeverBounce into Recruitly, users can now enhance email validation not only for individual emails but also for sequences ensuring a smoother and more efficient recruitment workflow.

Steps to Enable NeverBounce Email Validation for Sequences:

1. Ensure NeverBounce Account: Before proceeding, make sure you have a NeverBounce account. If not, you can create one from here- Sign Up​

2. Integrate Recruitly with NeverBounce: Follow this guide to integrate your Recruitly account with NeverBounce: NeverBounce Integration

3. Toggle Validation Option: After successfully connecting your Recruitly account with NeverBounce, navigate to your integration settings. Toggle ON the "Validate Before Sending Sequence Emails" option. This ensures that emails in your sequences undergo validation by NeverBounce before being sent out.

By enabling NeverBounce email validation for sequences, you can improve the deliverability of your emails and ensure that they reach valid recipients. Remember to have sufficient credits in your NeverBounce account and ensure that it is synced with Recruitly before enabling this feature.

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