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Sharing Candidates with Opportunity
Sharing Candidates with Opportunity

Opportunities in Recruitly serve as representations of qualified leads within the platform.

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Opportunities, as outlined in Recruitly (What is an Opportunity?), serve as representations of qualified leads within the platform. The qualification process for a lead is dynamic, subject to variation among recruiters, and transpires at distinct stages. This can occur either before initiating contact with the key decision-maker or after such contact has been established.

The flexibility in the qualification process enables recruiters to adapt their approach based on individual preferences and the unique dynamics of each recruitment scenario. This adaptability ensures that opportunities are tailored to the specific needs and circumstances of the recruiting process, enhancing the overall efficiency and effectiveness of lead management within Recruitly.

There are many instances when the Hiring Manager wants the recruiters to send them a few example Candidates for a specific opportunity before officially hiring a Recruitment Agency to recruit candidates on the Company’s behalf.

To streamline this process for recruiters, Recruitly provides a convenient "Spec CV" feature, you can follow this guide for more information on Speculative CV Share.

This feature significantly simplifies the task of sharing candidate profiles with Hiring Managers, offering a seamless and efficient way to showcase potential candidates and facilitate the decision-making process before committing to the services of a Recruitment Agency.

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