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How to Create an Email Sequence?
How to Create an Email Sequence?

Sequences enable the creation and execution automated steps, allowing efficient drip feed campaigns for targeted and timely communication

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Automate and Enhance Your Communication with Recruitly.

Sequences in Recruitly provide a powerful, automated approach for nurturing leads, opportunities, contacts, and candidates.

This guide details how to create an email sequence to effectively engage your audience and optimize your workflow.

Steps to Create an Email Sequence:

  1. Access Email Sequences: In Recruitly, navigate to the "Automation" section and select "Sequences" from the drop-down menu to access the Email Sequences functionality, or simply click the button below.

  2. Create a New Sequence: Click on ‘+ New Email Sequence’ at the top right corner of the screen. Choose the type of sequence that aligns with your communication objectives.

  3. Name and Customize Your Sequence: Give your email sequence a unique, descriptive name. Add necessary steps, outlining content and purpose. Incorporate post-step actions for automated follow-ups or responses. You can add multiple steps for a comprehensive plan.

  4. Set Your Schedule: Specify the days and times for each email, selecting the appropriate time zone for accurate delivery.

  5. Save Your Sequence: Once configured and scheduled, click ‘Save Sequence’ at the top right corner.

Recruitly's user-friendly platform enables you to tailor your communication strategy, automate follow-up tasks, and engage your audience at optimal times.

Personalize and schedule your sequences to enhance your overall workflow, contributing to more effective relationship-building and communication strategies in the recruitment or sales process.

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