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How to refresh data on my WordPress Website?
How to refresh data on my WordPress Website?

Quickly resolve the issue by initiating a re-sync from your WordPress admin page

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You don't need to perform this task unless the data is out of sync:

Recruitly seamlessly integrates with your WordPress site to ensure that job listings on your website are consistently updated to match your Recruitly account. System will eventually catch-up with the changes if not in real-time.

However, there may be occasional instances where communication between Recruitly and your WordPress site is interrupted, resulting in a delay in updates.

In such cases, you can quickly resolve the issue by initiating a re-sync from your WordPress admin page. This manual action will refresh the job listings, ensuring they are in sync with your Recruitly account.

Refreshing the Recruitly plugin on your WordPress website is a quick and easy process that ensures you have the latest and most accurate information displayed. Follow this guide to refresh the plugin seamlessly.

Steps to refresh the Recruitly plugin:

  1. Log in to your WordPress website using your credentials.

  2. Expand the sidebar on the WordPress dashboard and navigate to "Recruitly" in the menu.

  3. Within the Recruitly settings, locate and click on "Settings."

4. Under the settings, Click on the "Update Configuration" button to refresh the plugin.

It will take a minute or two to fully re-sync the data.

Jobs still not appearing after re-sync?

Clear the cache: If you performed all the steps above successfully and the jobs are still not appearing, then we suggest clearing the cache of your website. This ensures that any cached data causing display issues is removed.

Check your CDN settings: If you are using a CDN provider to serve content then it might be possible that CDN has cached some content. We suggest clearing the CDN cache too.

If you encounter any challenges during the refresh process or if issues persist, reach out to Recruitly support for assistance.

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