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How to Re-sync Emails
How to Re-sync Emails

Effortlessly update your email records by re-syncing emails in Recruitly

Updated over a week ago

Resyncing emails is a valuable feature in Recruitly that ensures your mailbox remains up-to-date and synchronised. This guide provides simple steps to initiate the resync process, allowing you to maintain accurate and current email data within Recruitly.

Steps to Resync Emails:

  1. Navigate to the right side of the screen and click on "Mailbox" or click below.

  2. Under the Settings section, click on "Re-Sync."

  3. Enter the number of days for Recruitly to re-index and re-sync. Click on "Sync" to initiate the resync process.


You can only resync emails for a maximum period of up to the past 30 days.

​Resyncing email is a crucial step in maintaining the accuracy and currency of your mailbox data within Recruitly. This guide simplifies the process, ensuring that users can easily initiate a resync as needed.

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