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How to send out a Marketing Campaign?
How to send out a Marketing Campaign?
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Once you have successfully activated the marketing module (refer to Activate Marketing Module), added senders (see How to Create a New Sender), created lists (Ways of Adding Records to a Marketing List), and designed templates (How to Build Email Templates), you are ready to launch your campaigns.

Follow these steps:

  1. Click on "Email Campaigns" under the "Marketing" module or Click below.

  2. Select the "+New Campaign" button.

  3. Choose the template you want to use for the campaign and make any final edits.

  4. Select the sender, marketing list, and provide an email subject.

  5. Choose to send immediately or schedule the campaign as per your preference.

  6. Optionally, send a test to yourself, team members, or directly send out the campaign.

  7. View campaign statistics on the dashboard, along with other options like drafts and suspended campaigns.

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