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Basic Facts About The Marketing Module
Basic Facts About The Marketing Module

Explore fundamental insights into our Marketing Module in this concise article.

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Our built-in marketing module is a widely used tool for promoting hiring seasons, job opportunities, newsletters, and various other announcements.

โ€‹Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the marketing module:

Q: How do we prevent a Campaign from being accidentally sent multiple times? Is there a way to stop a campaign from being sent multiple times?

A: After sending the campaign, please double-check it in the "Recent Campaigns" section to ensure everything went out as intended. It's important to click the "send campaign" button only once.

Q: Where a Candidate has 2 email addresses (one in the 'alternate email' field), what does Recruitly do?

A: Recruitly doesn't try to send out to the alternate email. If the primary email fails, there is no attempt to send to the alternate email.

Q: What happens if the email field is blank?

A: If the email field is blank, the email is not sent out.

Q: In Campaign statistics, how is a 'failure' distinguished from a 'bounce'?

A: A failure indicates that the email failed to send. Bounces are categorized into two types: hard bounce and soft bounce. A hard bounce occurs when an email can't be delivered, usually due to an invalid email address or an unexpected error during sending. Soft bounces are recognized by the email server but are returned to the sender for various reasons, such as a full mailbox or temporary unavailability.

Q: How do we see the response in the case of a 'bounce' to check it?

A: Check the "Recent Campaigns" section for details on responses, including bounces.

Q: What happens with Recruitly charging for duplicate emails?

A: Recruitly sends out the campaign and charges if there are two records with the same email.

Q: Regarding an email template with only one column and text boxes in this column, how can the text boxes be set to fill the column?

A: The appearance in a desktop email reader is controlled by the HTML. Ensure that you use responsive HTML content supported by all email providers for optimal display.

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