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GDPR Readiness with Recruitly
GDPR Readiness with Recruitly

Ensure GDPR readiness with Recruitly.

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Recruitly is dedicated to delivering secure products and services, ensuring compliance with prescribed policies, and serving as both a data controller and processor. The impending GDPR enforcement is crucial to our mission of offering a secure and reliable business software suite to EU and global customers.

At Recruitly, we uphold the highest standards for data privacy, supporting organizations in meeting their data privacy obligations within the EU and beyond.

Privacy by Design

GDPR and privacy management are intrinsically linked, with the understanding that privacy should be an integral part of an application's core architecture and functionality, rather than an additional feature. Recruitly offers dedicated modules to support users in achieving and sustaining GDPR compliance.

GDPR Consent Workflow

Recruitly seamlessly handles the complete GDPR workflow. The platform provides tools for sending consent requests and allows Candidates/Contacts to view and update their profiles, offering the option to provide or reject consent. Users have the flexibility to customize the GDPR wording according to their specific requirements.

GDPR Management View

Recruitly provides a comprehensive GDPR management interface to view and manage compliance requests.

GDPR Badge

GDPR badge on the profiles allows you to instantly identify whether a candidate/contact record is compliant or not.

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