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Tasks and Reminders - Explained
Tasks and Reminders - Explained

Discover the essentials of managing Tasks and Reminders to stay organized and boost productivity in your daily workflow.

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Difference between Tasks and Reminders


Tasks serve as actionable items assigned to individuals within the organization. You can assign tasks to yourself or to someone else in the organization. They facilitate organized collaboration and ensure that specific actions are taken on time.

For instance, if you need a colleague to contact a lead for contract details, you can create a task, outlining the details and actions required. Tasks appear in both the "Activity" section of the lead and the dedicated "Tasks" section in the top-right corner of the screen.

You can also set a reminder for the task, or any other activity, which perfectly segues into the Reminders part.

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Reminders are date-specific notifications designed to keep users informed about upcoming activities or follow-ups. Users can set reminders for any activity, ensuring timely attention to essential matters.

For instance, if you plan to contact a candidate in three months, set a reminder. When the due date arrives, you receive notifications via both system notifications and email.

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