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How to Upload Documents/Files?Easily upload documents related to Leads, Opportunities, Contacts, Companies, or Candidates sections.
How to Perform Bulk Actions?Learn how to streamline your workflow and increase efficiency by mastering bulk actions with our comprehensive guide.
Calendar Integration with GoogleTwo way synchronization of events scheduled in Recruitly and your Google calendar
Calendar Integration with OutlookTwo way synchronization of events scheduled in Recruitly and your Outlook calendar
Managing FoldersMaximize organization and efficiency with our guide on the uses and usage of folders.
LinkedIn Chrome ExtensionRecruitly’s LinkedIn Chrome Extension lets you generate leads, source candidates, and create contact records from LinkedIn into Recruitly.
How to Activate the Client/Candidate Portal?Activate Client or Candidate Portal
Candidate Portal: Configuration and SettingsStreamline candidate interactions with our Candidate Portal: Configure and customize settings to optimize your recruitment process.
Client Portal: Recruitly Configuration and SettingsOptimize your recruitment process with Recruitly's Client Portal: Configure and customize settings seamlessly for enhanced collaboration.
Client Portal OverviewStreamline Your Workflow: A Guide to Client Portal Overview.
How to Create an Email Signature?A Guide to Creating an Email Signature.
How to Change or Reset your Account's Password?Secure Your Account: A Step-by-Step Guide to Changing or Resetting Your Password.
How to update Google Chrome LinkedIn Extension
How to Change Your Payment Method?Learn how to ensure your account stays up-to-date with your preferred payment option with our step-by-step guide..
How to Configure Auto Responses?Save time and improve your communication with our easy-to-follow guide on configuring auto responses.
Data Migration ProcessEverything you need to know for a successful transition.
How to Add Tags?Get organized and streamline your workflow with our guide on adding tags.
Domain AuthenticationProtect your company's reputation and improve email deliverability with our guide on domain authentication.
Master Data - OverviewMaster Data is where you can store and manage all your system data.
Personalise Emails: Merge TagsMake a lasting impression with your clients by personalizing your emails using merge tags.
How to Add/Manage Users?This guide provides a step-by-step process to add/manage user, teams and offices with specific roles and privileges.
How to Add Tasks for Another Team MemberLearn how to assign tasks to another team member and keep track of their progress effectively.
Dynamic Dashboards OverviewGet an overview of how dynamic dashboards can help you visualize and analyze your data in real-time for better decision-making.
Email ConfigurationLearn how to configure your email settings to ensure smooth communication.
Dashboard WidgetsCustomize your dashboard by learning how to add and configure widgets and get quick access to the most important information at a glance.
How Do I Change the User EmailDiscover how to update your user email and ensure seamless communication and access to important notifications.
How to Create or Delete a DashboardLearn how to effortlessly create or delete dashboards to tailor your data visualization and streamline your workflow.
How to Get a Virtual US NumberDiscover how to obtain a virtual US number to establish a professional presence, streamline communication, and expand your reach.
How to Download Your Recruitly Subscription InvoicesGain insights into downloading your Recruitly subscription invoices for easy access to billing records and financial management.
How to Customise the Candidate Portal Activation EmailLearn how to personalize and customize the candidate portal activation email.
How to Disconnect and Reconnect your InboxLearn how to effectively disconnect and reconnect with your inbox in Recruitly.
How to Add a New Job Type and Job Title in RecruitlyLearn how to easily add a new job type and job title in Recruitly.
SPF and Sender AuthenticationUnderstanding SPF and sender authentication is crucial for safeguarding your email communication. Learn how to implement these protocols.
Why are My Emails Not SyncingHaving trouble with email syncing? Let's figure out how to fix it.
SMTP Connection Problems: Troubleshooting Inbox Connectivity IssuesStruggling with SMTP connection problems? Let's troubleshoot inbox connectivity issues.
Toggle Features On/OffEffortlessly switch On and Off various features with a simple toggle switch for enhanced control and convenience.
Tasks and Reminders - ExplainedDiscover the essentials of managing Tasks and Reminders to stay organized and boost productivity in your daily workflow.
How to Create Custom FieldsCustom Fields in Recruitly empower users to gather additional information tailoring the system to suit specific organizational needs.
How to Add Custom Fields in Candidate/Lead FormsLearn how to add custom fields to candidate and lead forms to better capture the specific information you need.
Form CustomisationUnlock tailored data entry experiences. Customize forms to capture vital information efficiently and enhance your workflow.
How to Delete/Disable a UserLearn the steps to remove or deactivate a user swiftly and efficiently in just a few clicks. Streamline your user management process today!
Realtime Performance Dashboards with Zapier and Google SlidesCreate dynamic, real-time performance dashboards by integrating Zapier with Google Slides.
User PrivilegesUsers are granted privileges for system and data access, encompassing various modules and actions like data deletion, email management.
Overview of Lead Pipeline/Board ViewGet a comprehensive look at Lead Pipeline/Board View, for efficient lead management and streamlined organization.
Jobs/ATS Pipeline Overview (Filters and Features)Discover job management potential with our Jobs/ATS Pipeline Overview! Explore filters and features tailored for seamless workflow.
SMS OverviewStreamline Communication through SMS in Recruitly.
How to source Leads/Contacts/Candidates from the LinkedIn Chrome extension?
What is Data Anonymisation?Learn Data Anonymisation: Safeguarding Private Information in Recruitly
Customize Record CardHow to customize the card view of records across various modules such as Leads, Contacts, Opportunities, Companies, Candidates, and Jobs.
How to Restrict Users From Viewing Company Billings?Learn how to implement user restrictions to safeguard sensitive company billing information effectively.
AI MatchUnlock the power of precise candidate-job matching with AI Match, revolutionizing recruitment efficiency.
How to Re-sync EmailsEffortlessly update your email records by re-syncing emails in Recruitly
How to Submit a Feature RequestDiscover how to submit your feature requests and influence the future of Recruitly with ease
Growth Dashboard- OverviewDiscover insights and track key performance metrics with our Growth Dashboard.
How to Contact SupportConnect with Support effortlessly to address any queries or issues.
How to Subscribe to RecruitlySubscribe to Recruitly after the free trial.
Growth Dashboard - StatsEasily understand the source of the growth dashboard statistics.
Calendar Event ClassificationsEasily denote the type of calendar event, even for events outside Recruitly
Folder PermissionsDetermine the individuals or entities to whom you grant folder permissions.
IONOS SMTP - Set Up & ConfigurationGuide to Setting Up SMTP Mail with IONOS
How to Mark Email as Private/Confidential for Yourself in RecruitlyLearn how to mark emails as private or confidential in Recruitly, ensuring only you and the email recipients can view them.