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Realtime Performance Dashboards with Zapier and Google Slides
Realtime Performance Dashboards with Zapier and Google Slides

Create dynamic, real-time performance dashboards by integrating Zapier with Google Slides.

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Experience Real-Time Excellence with Recruitly & Zapier Integration! Dive into the dynamic synergy of Recruitly and Zapier, now seamlessly operating in real-time. Elevate your recruitment process to the current moment, ensuring unparalleled efficiency and responsiveness. Join us on this journey of real-time collaboration and unlock the full potential of Recruitly and Zapier working together seamlessly!

Now, effortlessly pull User KPI statistics directly into your Google Sheets. Leverage the power of this trigger alongside Google Slides to craft dynamic, real-time dashboards.

This trigger combined with Google Sheets offers the ability to build real-time dashboards using Google Slides.

Let's delve into the process and follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Sign into Google Sheets and create a Google Sheet with the following columns:

    KPI Year
    KPI Month
    User Name
    Team Name
    Activity Name
    Activity Type
    Target Value
    Actual Value
    Target Type

  2. Log in to Zapier and proceed to connect your Recruitly account using private API keys:

  3. Generate a new key, and then copy and paste it into Zapier to establish synchronization between Zapier and Recruitly.

  4. Following that, we need to configure two steps:

    • Trigger - When User KPI is progressed in Recruitly (New User KPI Activity in Recruitly)

    • Action - Lookup Spreadsheet Row in Google Sheets.

      NOTE: In the App & Event tab - Link it to the sheet created in 1st step. The linked sheet will display in the Account tab and also give you the option to change the sheet if needed.

  5. Proceed to the Actions Tab and ensure to check the box that says "create Google Sheets spreadsheet row if it doesn't exist yet." commence mapping the fields to the respective columns and then press continue.

  6. Open the Google Sheet where you input the fields, and you should observe the data already filled in. It updates every 5 to 15 minutes, contingent on your Zapier plan.

  7. Use the fields to add a Bar Chart (or any chart you like).

  8. Sign into Google Slides, generate a new Google Slide, click on "Insert," and opt for the chart option. Within the chart option, select "From Sheets." Save the slide and run the slide show.

You're All Set!

In summary:

Google Sheets rows update automatically based on user progress in Recruitly.

The Google Sheets Chart dynamically re-renders upon detecting changes.

The Google Slide Chart is linked to the Google Sheets Chart, maintaining its dynamic nature.

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