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Understanding API Rates in Recruitly
Understanding API Rates in Recruitly

Discover how to navigate API rate limits in Recruitly and learn how to adjust standard limits to suit your integration needs effectively.

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API (Application Programming Interface) rates in Recruitly ensure smooth integration and data exchange with external systems. Familiarizing yourself with these rates and limits is essential for optimizing your API usage. Below are the standard limits and guidelines for API usage in Recruitly.

API Read Rates:

  • Standard Limit: 30 records per minute.

  • Description: API Read Rates determine how quickly you can retrieve data from Recruitly. The standard limit allows fetching up to 30 records per minute. This ensures efficient data retrieval without overloading the system.

API POST Limits:

  • Standard Limit: 50 records per day.

  • Description: API POST Limits dictate the number of records you can add or update in Recruitly through the API. The standard limit permits adding or updating up to 50 records per day. This helps maintain data integrity and system stability.

If you require higher rate limits beyond the standard ones provided then kindly reach out to our support team and request an increase in your API rate limits. We understand that certain use cases may require higher API usage. Our team will assess your request and accommodate rate limit adjustments accordingly

Understanding API rates and limits in Recruitly is crucial for ensuring smooth integration and data management. By adhering to the standard limits and guidelines outlined above, you can effectively leverage Recruitly's API capabilities while maintaining system efficiency. Should you require adjustments to the rate limits based on your specific needs, don't hesitate to contact us for assistance.

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