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Posting Recruitly Jobs on Framer-Built Websites
Posting Recruitly Jobs on Framer-Built Websites

You can easily post jobs from Recruitly on Framer-built websites using an iframe.

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To post jobs from Recruitly on Framer-built websites, follow the steps below:

1. Create a Job Board Theme:

- Click on your user icon at the top right corner of the screen and navigate to the "System Configuration" section.

- Under the System Settings, locate and click on "Embedded Job Board Themes." Alternatively, you can use the below link to access the page directly.

- Click on "+New Theme" to initiate the creation of a new job board theme. Configure the necessary fields, and preview options will appear next to the configuration fields.

2. Copy the Iframe Code From Recruitly Account:

<iframe id="recruitlyjoblistingframe" style="width: 98%; border: 0 none; margin: 0 auto; opacity: 1; visibility: visible;"
onload="resizeJobsFrameHeight()" onresize="resizeJobsFrameHeight()" onclick="resizeJobsFrameHeight()"></iframe>
<script> function resizeJobsFrameHeight(){var e=window.addEventListener?"addEventListener":"attachEvent";(0,window[e])("attachEvent"==e?"onmessage":"message",function(e){-1!"recruitlyresize::")&&("recruitlyresize::",""),document.getElementById("recruitlyjoblistingframe").style.height=e+"px")},!1)}

3. Add an iframe or embed script on Framer:

Their embed component allows for easy embedding of sites, iframes, widgets, and scripts.

Navigate to the "insert" menu and enter "embed". Move the component to the canvas and input a URL. Note that certain websites may not permit embedding through HTTP headers, which is necessary for enabled integrations.

For services that utilize a script to include an iframe, you can include the `<script>…</script>` tag in the HTML section. This approach generally works, although you may need to manually enclose it with some code depending on the specific integration.

You're all Set, Easily post Jobs from your Recruitly Account to the website!

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