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Folder Permissions
Folder Permissions

Determine the individuals or entities to whom you grant folder permissions.

Updated over a week ago

Folders are a vital part of Recruitly! You can now control which users have access to each folder.

Note: This feature applies to both existing and new folders.

Navigate to the master data section within the system configuration and select "Folders."

Here, you'll find an overview of all existing folders and the option to create new ones.

To modify permissions for existing folders, click on the desired folder and choose from the following options:

1. Private to me,
2. Share it with all team members,
3. Select specific team members from the dropdown menu.

Once you've saved the settings, the folder will become invisible to users without access.


In Andy's account:

Two folders are present: "Andy's Folder" and "Amazing Candidates Folder." Both folders serve candidates.
"Andy's Folder" is visible to Andy and Bob.
"Amazing Candidates Folder" is solely accessible to its owner, Andy.

In Bob's account:

Only "Andy's Folder" appears in the candidate folders section, while "Amazing Candidates Folder" remains invisible since Bob hasn't been granted access.

The access limits can be edited as per preference!

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