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Transfer of Data vs Change of User Email
Transfer of Data vs Change of User Email

Key differences between transferring data to another user and changing the email associated with your account (the email you use to log in)

Updated over a week ago
  1. Disabling a User & Transferring Data to Another User: (This can't be transferred back to you)

    • This involves moving ownership of data (such as files, folders & records) from your account to another user's account.

    • The new owner will have full control over the transferred data.

    • You will no longer have access to or control over the transferred data unless explicitly granted by the new owner.

      Note: If you want to disable a user without transferring their data to another user, simply leave the "transfer data" section blank when disabling the user. The data will not be transferred to anyone. Once the user is re-enabled, their data will be restored along with their account.

  2. Changing Your Account Email: (This is done by Recruitly's tech team on request)

    • This involves updating the email address you use to log into your account.

    • All your data and permissions remain unchanged and continue to be associated with your account.

    • You will use the new email address for login and account-related communications.

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