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How Do I Change the User Email
How Do I Change the User Email

Discover how to update your user email and ensure seamless communication and access to important notifications.

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Changing a user's email address is made secure and systematic through these steps. By creating a new user, disabling the old user, and transferring data, you ensure a smooth transition without compromising data integrity.


For security reasons, directly changing the email address/login is not possible in Recruitly.

Follow the simple steps below to create a new user with a new email address and then transfer the data over to the new email:

  1. Click on the user icon at the top right corner of the screen and navigate to "System Configuration."

  2. Under "System Settings", Go to the "User Management" section or click below.

  3. Click on "New User" to create a new user with a new email address.

  4. Disable the user with the old email address by clicking on the "Disable Account" button. A window will open, allowing you to transfer all data to the new user.

  5. Choose all relevant values and press the "Proceed" button. Share the login credentials with the new user or request them to reset the password.

    ​For any further assistance or inquiries, feel free to contact our support team.

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