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Why is my invoice high for this month?
Why is my invoice high for this month?
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Why is my invoice high this month?

Recruitly is a pay-as-you-go service with invoices paid upfront before use of the service every month.

Let's say you have 10 users and your billing date is 1st of every month - and the current month is January.

  • Invoice is generated on 1st Jan for 10 x users - £500 – this covers subscription fee for Jan.

  • A new user is added on the 10th of Jan – We don't immediately charge you for this user.

  • Invoice on 1st Feb for 11 x users - £550 + (Usage for Jan 10 to 31 for the new user)

  • Invoice on 1st March will be 11 x users - £550

    Note: Keep in mind the usage for the previous month's days will be counted, that's why the invoice for that particular month is high.

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