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How to Add Leads?
How to Add Leads?

Learn the step-by-step process of effortlessly adding leads to your database with our comprehensive guide.

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Adding leads to Recruitly is a fundamental step in expanding your talent pool and nurturing potential candidates. This guide will walk you through the simple process of adding leads to Recruitly, enabling you to efficiently manage and track your recruitment efforts.

How to Add a Single Lead:

All Users can add an individual Lead to Recruitly. There are several different ways of doing this. This list will help you understand how you might add individual Leads.

  • Use the + icon found at the top.

  • Click on the "Create Lead" button situated on the top right.

    By utilizing the + icon and the "Create Lead" button, you can add a single lead by completing the details in the form that appears. This process enables you to add leads individually, provide the necessary details, and then save the information. The added lead will be visible in the Leads section, and you can click on the lead to access and view all the associated information.

How to Add Leads Using the LinkedIn Chrome Extension:

Recruitly seamlessly integrates with LinkedIn through its Chrome extension. You can add leads individually by clicking the blue icon next to each LinkedIn profile using this extension.
The extension captures all the details, allowing you to save and add the record to the Leads section in Recruitly.

Check out our help guide for step-by-step instructions: LinkedIn Chrome Extension

How to Add Leads Using Lead forms:

Recruitly empowers users to effortlessly create custom-built forms that can be embedded on websites or sent individually to leads for completion. The responses are seamlessly integrated directly into the Leads section in Recruitly.
To create custom forms, visit:

For detailed customization and viewing instructions, refer to this article:

How to Add Multiple/list of Leads - CSV/Excel file:

If you possess a CSV file containing lead data, there's no need for manual entry. You can efficiently import the entire list through the "Import Lead" section at

Follow the steps and mapping outlined in this article to seamlessly import all records from the CSV file: Import Data from CSV Files

How to Add Leads via Zapier:

Recruitly integrates seamlessly with Zapier, allowing you to streamline automation through the Zapier Automation tab.

For additional details, please refer to this informative article: Zapier Integration

How to Add/Import Leads via

Easily import data from into Recruitly, including Leads with their names, email addresses, and contact details. Utilize filters like job titles, location, and keywords to refine your search.

Refer to the attached article for guidance on importing leads from Importing Leads from

How to Add Leads via Dripify:

Recruitly integrates effortlessly with Dripify, enabling easy account integration for a seamless sync. With Dripify and its custom settings, you can control how leads enter the software based on your chosen actions.

Refer to the attached article for guidance on adding leads via Dripify: Dripify Integration

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