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Dripify Integration

Dripify lets you nurture your leads even while you sleep! Simply set up a campaign with automation events, and Dripify takes care of it

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Recruitly integrates effortlessly with Dripify, enabling easy account integration for a seamless sync. With Dripify and its custom settings, you can control how leads enter the software based on your chosen actions.

  1. Navigate to the "Recruitly Marketplace" section by clicking on the logo located in the top right corner of your screen or simply by clicking below. Then install the "Dripify" by clicking on "Install".

  2. After you've connected, begin by clicking "Add New Hook" to start using it.
    After adding a new hook:

    * Copy the webhook URL and paste it into the campaign section of Dripify.
    * Name your Dripify campaign.
    * Choose when the event should be triggered.
    * Select the lead pipeline you want the lead to be directed to.
    * Assign the record as needed.

    After filling in all the details, click "Save Webhook."

  3. After saving the webhook, navigate to the campaigns section in your Dripify account.

    Create a new campaign and click "Add Leads."

    Name your list, then copy and paste the URL of your LinkedIn search. Specify the number of users you'd like to add, then create the list.

  4. The next step is to build your automated sequence. Click "Next" and select the template you'd like to use for your campaign.

    Choose a custom template and add your desired actions. You can define what should happen when a lead accepts your invitation.

    Then, proceed to the next step where you can name your campaign, specify the actions, and paste the webhook URL you copied from your Recruitly account.

    Click on save & launch.
    Since you've chosen the webhook integration action "after a connection request is accepted," the lead will be added to Recruitly's leads section once the request is accepted.

  5. Visit your Dripify campaigns page to review your campaign stats and engagement data.

  6. You can go back to your Recruitly account & view logs as and when required.


​You can pause, remove, or deactivate your Dripify campaigns from your account at any time.

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