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What is Indeed's One-Source Policy?
What is Indeed's One-Source Policy?

This policy helps maintain the quality and uniqueness of job listings on Indeed

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Understanding Indeed's One-Source Policy

Indeed's one-source policy is essential for agencies and employers using external platforms like Recruitly for job postings. This policy helps maintain the quality and uniqueness of job listings on Indeed.

Detailed Insights into the One-Source Policy:

  1. Exclusive Posting Source: If your company has a history of posting on Indeed directly, you must make Recruitly your exclusive posting source to avoid duplicated listings.

  2. Visibility of Job Posts: Designating Recruitly as your primary source ensures your job posts won’t be marked as duplicates, maintaining their visibility.

  3. Direct Employer Support: Indeed’s policy requires employers to directly contact them for any inquiries or assistance, ensuring personalized support.

  4. Initiating the Transition: Contact Indeed to integrate Recruitly as your primary source, essential for effective job posting and compliance with Indeed's policies.

  5. Compliance and Effectiveness: Adherence to this policy is crucial to utilize Indeed’s platform effectively and to avoid job posting conflicts.

  6. Integration Benefits: Proper integration ensures a smoother recruitment process, leveraging Indeed’s extensive reach for your job listings.

  7. Policy Understanding: Familiarise yourself with the nuances of Indeed’s policy to maximize the benefits of your recruitment strategy.

  8. Consistency in Job Posting: Consistent adherence to the one-source policy promotes a more streamlined and efficient job posting experience.

Agencies using Recruitly must understand and comply with Indeed's one-source policy to ensure their job postings are effective, visible, and in line with Indeed’s standards.

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