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LinkedIn Limited Listing
LinkedIn Limited Listing

List job opportunities on LinkedIn for targeted exposure with limited listing options.

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What is LinkedIn Limited Listing?

Apart from the free posting options on Indeed or, your organization has the opportunity to post jobs on LinkedIn for free through LinkedIn Limited Listings.

While these unpaid job ads may not gain as much visibility as ads directly purchased through LinkedIn's Paid Ads, they can still broaden your reach and provide access to more candidates without incurring additional costs for your organization.


It is important to note that for LinkedIn Limited Listings to work effectively, each job post must be associated with a specific city.

Please familiarize yourself with LinkedIn Job Posting best practices at

How to Enable LinkedIn Limited Listing on Your Recruitly Account:

Retrieve Your Organization's LinkedIn ID

Recruitly requires your organization's LinkedIn ID to post jobs using LinkedIn Limited Listings successfully.

To retrieve your organization's LinkedIn ID, follow these steps:

1. Go to your organization's company LinkedIn page.

2. Click on "employees" on LinkedIn.

The subsequent page will list employees who work at your company. Navigate to the URL bar at the top of the page. Your organization's LinkedIn ID is the numeric string near the end of the URL. In the example below, the organization's LinkedIn ID is 14477714.

If you are using Chrome as your web browser, your organization's LinkedIn ID will be nested between the quotation marks in the URL, as pictured below:

If you are using a web browser other than Chrome, your organization's LinkedIn ID likely will be nested between the percentage signs in the URL.

Copy your organization's LinkedIn ID to enter it into Recruitly in the next step.

Enable Posting by Updating the Organization ID:

To enable LinkedIn Limited Listings for your account, follow these steps:

1. Go to "System Configuration" and click on "Job Boards "at the top of the page or click here.

2. Check the 'Enable Posting' box. c. Enter your Company ID.

3. Click on the "Update" button when finished.

Once you have enabled and configured this integration, you can start posting your Jobs to LinkedIn Limited Listings. Please follow this guide for assistance.

Job Details in LinkedIn Limited Listings:

LinkedIn employs an algorithm to assess your job posts and generate a high-level Job Details section, which is exhibited next to each of your Limited Listings posts. The Job Details section comprises:

  • Seniority Level

  • Industry

  • Employment Type

  • Job Functions

Job Details are automatically generated by LinkedIn and cannot be edited in Recruitly. If the Job Details added to one of your Limited Listings are incorrect, please contact LinkedIn Support to request editing.

General Considerations for LinkedIn Limited Listings:

  • LinkedIn Limited Listings only appear through LinkedIn's search after relevant LinkedIn Job Slots and Posts.

  • Limited Listings do not appear in recommendations throughout the LinkedIn site (e.g., Jobs You May Be Interested In module and email, Work With Us ads, Similar jobs recommendations, etc.). This implies that LinkedIn Limited Listings are visible only to the subset of LinkedIn members actively searching for jobs.

  • A location must be provided to publish a job post to free job boards (, Indeed, LinkedIn Limited). The LinkedIn Limited Listings feature does not support remote or distributed positions as an option.

  • Limited Listings cannot be sponsored across the LinkedIn site.

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