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How to Archive/Unarchive jobs?
How to Archive/Unarchive jobs?

Simplify your workflow by effortlessly archiving and unarchiving jobs.

Updated over a week ago

Archiving and unarchiving jobs in Recruitly is a useful feature to manage and organize your jobs effectively. Follow these steps to seamlessly archive and unarchive jobs:

Archiving Jobs:

  1. Navigate to the "Recruiting" module and select the "Job" section.

  2. Choose the jobs you want to archive by selecting the checkboxes next to them.

  3. In the "More Actions" section, click on "Archive." If desired, you can add a reason for archiving.

  4. Confirm your action by clicking "Archive."

Unarchiving Jobs:

  1. Visit the "Recruiting" module and access the "Job" section.

  2. Navigate to "Smart Filters" and choose "Archived Jobs" from the available drop-down fields.

  3. Select the job you want to unarchive by checking the corresponding checkbox.

  4. In the "More Actions" section, click on "Unarchive." Optionally, add a reason for unarchiving.

  5. Confirm your action by clicking "Unarchive."

This process ensures that your job pipeline remains organized, allowing you to focus on current and relevant job listings.

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