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Ways to Add CandidatesAdding candidates effectively is essential for maintaining a robust talent pool and streamlining your recruitment process.
How to Bulk Email Candidates?Send emails to candidates directly in bulk from Recruitly.
How to Create a Candidate Form?Create web forms to get candidate information by sharing the link on your website, newsletters, etc.
How to find Duplicate Candidates and How to Merge Them?Merging Duplicate Candidate records to streamline the data in the system
How to Add Candidates to a Job?Adding candidates to jobs can be done in bulk or individually using various methods.
Boolean SearchBoolean search helps you mix and match different words to find exactly who you need.
How to Export CandidatesEffortlessly export a selection of candidates with customizable fields.
How to remove Candidates from the ATS/Jobs PipelineEfficiently remove undesired candidates from your job pipeline with just a few clicks.
Candidate CV share for a JobShare CV's with clients and have the flexibility to choose specific details.
Internal CV ShareInternal CV Share can be useful if you want to share a candidate’s CV internally with your team members.
Speculative CV ShareEffortlessly market your highly skilled candidates to your clients.
How to Connect to a Job Board?Seamlessly connect to a variety of job boards using Recruitly.
How to find Archived Candidates?Effortlessly locate archived candidates with our comprehensive guide.
How to Archive/Unarchive jobs?Simplify your workflow by effortlessly archiving and unarchiving jobs.
How to Approve Web CV SubmitsConsolidate and manage all form-submitted candidates in one centralized location.
How to create and effectively use the Sub-Status feature in the ATS/Job PipelineSub-status feature can be utilized to categorize all candidates within each job in the ATS Pipeline.
How to add tags from the Candidate List View?Adding tags enhances candidate identification and relevance.
How to Schedule an Interview?Streamline your recruitment process by effortlessly scheduling interviews.
How to Share Candidate Documents?Easily share CV's and other documents of candidates with clients
How to Import CV from CV-Library?
How to Bulk Send GDPR Consent Requests for Candidates?Effortlessly manage GDPR requests in bulk.
How to Bulk Delete Candidates?Effortlessly remove unwanted candidate records in bulk.
Uses of the ATS/Job PipelineATS/Job Pipeline allows performing several actions to manage the candidates throughout their journey.
How to view Candidates with no Activity?Use Smart filters to view candidates with no activity.
CV Share via ATS PipelineSharing candidate's CV's via the ATS/Job pipeline.
CV Spec Filtering and GroupingFiltering and grouping CV Specs in the Candidate Share.
How to Add/Change a Job's Location?Adding or changing a job's location within the Recruitly
How to Re-Parse a Candidate's CV?Re-parsing a candidate's CV allows you to update and refine candidate information easily.
How to Change the Job Advert Social Banner?Updating Job Advert Social media banner using Job application themes.
How to Configure Job Application Templates?Application templates ensure that you capture job-specific details from candidates and use themes to customise Application forms.
How to Create a Job?Create Jobs using the Job Form.
How to edit a Job Description for Jobs Posted on the Website?Edit the Job descriptions displayed on the website.
How to Export Candidates Using Different Ways?Learn mutiple ways to export Candidate data.
How to Generate a Commission Report?This report includes crucial details such as the invoice number, providing comprehensive information for reconciliation and other purposes.​
How to Publish a Job to the Website?Publishing jobs to the website through Recruitly.
Introducing Map View for Candidate Search
How to Export All Candidates?Effortlessly export all the candidates with customizable fields.
How do you re-assign a Candidate to another Job?Guide on seamlessly reassigning candidates to new jobs in Recruitly.
What are Pipeline Owner, Candidate Owner & Job Owner?Understanding Ownership in Recruitment: Learn how candidate, job, and pipeline ownership functions in the recruitment process.
How to Parse CVsYou can directly parse candidate CVs in PDF or DOC format into the system. Additionally, bulk parsing of CVs is also supported.
Enabling Automated Prompts for Job PipelineAutomatic prompts can open CV Spec, Interview Schedule, and Placement forms when the candidate status changes.