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Where can I Track Campaign Health?
Where can I Track Campaign Health?

Monitor campaign health effortlessly with our intuitive tracking feature, ensuring optimal performance.

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To assess the health of your email campaigns in the Marketing module within Recruitly, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the "Marketing" module. Click on the "Email Campaigns/E-Shots" option from the dropdown or click below:

  2. Under the "Dashboard" tab, you will be able to see all the recent campaigns, or you can go to the "Sent" tab. All the Campaign names will be shown in the list.

  3. Click on each campaign individually to access tabs with detailed information such as:

    • Requests: Indicates the number of email requests made by the system.

    • Failures: Represents the number of emails that failed to deliver.

    • Delivered: Shows the count of successfully delivered emails.

    • Opens: Indicates the number of emails that were opened.

    • Clicks: Reflects whether recipients clicked on any links in the email campaign.

    • UnSubscribes: Displays the total number of un-subscribes by recipients.

    • Complaints: Highlights any emails marked spam by recipients or ISP/ESP.

    • Bounces: Illustrates the number of emails that bounced due to reasons like invalid addresses, undeliverable status, mailbox full, blocked, suspended, etc.

  4. Evaluate the health of each campaign individually, and if needed, you can export the campaign information by clicking on the respective box on the right side.

By following these steps, you can efficiently monitor and analyze your email campaigns' performance and health metrics within Recruitly's Marketing module.

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