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What is a Lead?
What is a Lead?

In this guide, we delve into the definition and significance of leads, providing clarity on how they drive business growth.

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A lead is a new person that has had no contact with your company yet.

The Leads section can store new contact data such as email addresses and phone numbers. Once a person in the target company has been contacted and expressed an interest in working with you, they can have a potential opportunity. In other words, leads are unqualified business opportunities that could lead to future placements.​Your new lead may not necessarily be the primary POC (Point of Contact) within the company. However, you can easily create a new record for the decision-maker in Recruitly.​Leads can be bulk imported from CSV. (Excel) files or created manually. In Recruitly, you can also rate your Leads depending on how you feel your initial conversation went, allowing you to sort your leads page showing the highest ratings first.​

If the conversation went well, you could convert the lead into an opportunity. The record will then leave the leads page and re-appear in the opportunities section. Refer to our comprehensive guide on How to Convert a Lead? for step-by-step instructions on converting a lead into an opportunity.​

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