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What is Data Anonymisation?
What is Data Anonymisation?

Learn Data Anonymisation: Safeguarding Private Information in Recruitly

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Data anonymisation is the process of protecting private or sensitive by erasing or encrypting identifiers that connect an individual to stored data.

Guaranteed privacy requires data anonymisation and eliminating the possibility of reverse engineering to recover data.

To Anonymise Data in Your System, Please Follow the Below Steps:

  1. Access the "Recruiting module" and proceed to the "Candidates" section or click below.

  2. Select the candidate whose data you want to anonymize by checking the box next to their name.

  3. Go to the "More actions" section and from the dropdown menu, select the "Anonymise" option.

  4. A pop-up notification will appear, providing details about the specific information that will be anonymized. Take a moment to review this information. To proceed with the anonymization process, click on the "Anonymise" button in the pop-up.


It's crucial to note that anonymisation is an irreversible process. Once confirmed, all data associated with the selected candidate will be permanently erased from the system.

Despite the anonymisation, the candidate may still be included in reports generated by the system. For instance, if a candidate was placed in the last 6 months and is subsequently anonymised, the placement information will appear in reports. However, all personal details of the candidate will be securely erased from the system.

By following these steps, you can effectively implement data anonymisation within your system, thereby upholding privacy standards and ensuring compliance with data protection regulations.

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