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Overview of Quick Search
Overview of Quick Search
Updated over a week ago

How to do a Quick search:

Quick Search is a global search feature that enables users to search across Contacts, Leads, Companies, Candidates, Opportunities, Jobs, and more in the database.

This tool proves to be highly convenient for efficiently locating records within the system. Within Quick Search, users can also access recently viewed records for quick reference.

Here are some examples of searches you can perform using Quick/Global search:

  1. Name Search: Users can search by entering either the first name or last name of the individual.

  2. Email Search: Users have the option to search for partial or full email addresses within the system.

  3. Phone Search: Utilizing Quick Search, users can perform searches based on phone numbers associated with records.

  4. Forms: You can search for Candidate, Lead, etc forms.

  5. You can search for anything, from different settings, records, forms, record references, and a lot more.

Quick Search streamlines the process of retrieving information from various modules, offering a versatile and efficient means of accessing relevant data across the entire database.


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