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Jobs/ATS Pipeline Overview (Filters and Features)
Jobs/ATS Pipeline Overview (Filters and Features)

Discover job management potential with our Jobs/ATS Pipeline Overview! Explore filters and features tailored for seamless workflow.

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The Jobs/ATS Pipeline View in the Recruiting Module allows for enhanced Candidate/Job management with a user-friendly interface. Users can rename the statuses and create Sub-status as per their workflow requirements. The view provides options to filter candidates/jobs based on users within the organization, group by owner, and access detailed information about each candidate by clicking on them.

  1. Navigate to the "Jobs" section and select the "Board View" option located on the top left-hand side or click below:

  2. Search by Candidate or Job: This allows you to search the Pipeline by specific Candidate or Job.

  3. Add Candidate: Candidates can be added to different jobs from here with the required status and sub-status.

  4. Last Activity Date: This allows you to filter based on their last activity. Choose a date range from the drop-down menu.

  5. Users: This allows you to filter based on the team and owner. Select the appropriate option from the drop-down menu to filter records by owner.

  6. Reject Reason: You can filter records by Reject reasons.

  7. Rejected: This allows you to show records who were rejected in the past.

  8. Refresh by clicking on the "Reload" button.

Job Pipeline Settings:

  • Click on your user icon at the top right corner of the screen, navigate to "System Configuration," and select "ATS/Job Pipeline" under "System Settings," or click below.

  • You can rename a pipeline substate by clicking on its name, and add a new stage by clicking on "+ Add Stage."


The pipeline status cannot be altered in terms of quantity.

  • Recruitly automatically launches the CV share, Interview, and Placement forms once you move candidates to the respective status in the Pipeline.

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