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How to Enrich a Company?
How to Enrich a Company?
Updated over a week ago

Say goodbye to manual data entry with the Enricher tool for Companies that makes the process hassle-free and efficient!

Streamline your data entry tasks with the Enricher tool. Here are two simple ways to use it:

  1. Enter the Domain/Website in the Company Form:

    • Under the Companies section, or click below:

    • Click on "Create Company," and a new company form will open.

    • Look for the "Lookup by domain name" field when accessing the New Company form.

    • Simply input the domain name or website of the company.

    • Click on the "Lookup" button.

    • Recruitly will automatically populate the form with details such as name, address, social media links, phone number, industry, company size, etc.

  2. By Clicking on the "Find in Apollo" Button:

    • Open the company card for which you want to enhance information.

    • Locate the "Find in Apollo" button under the company name on the left side of the page.

    • Click on "Find in Apollo" and choose the fields you wish to update.

    • Confirm the enrichment process by clicking on "Update selected fields".

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