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CRM Reports

It consists of reports related to Leads, Opportunities, and Companies giving you a clear picture of the sales cycle.

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The CRM reporting gives you a detailed overview of the sales cycle, allowing you to track Leads, Opportunities, and Companies.

In this guide, we will learn how to generate a report with an example:


You require access to the Report Module to generate any report, please contact your admin or super user to provide you with the required access.

Steps to generate companies by industry report:

This report categorizes companies based on various industries defined in your account, such as FMCG, Electronics, Automobile, etc. To know more about other reports visit Introduction to Reports

  1. Visit the reporting section by clicking on the top right profile picture and selecting reports or by clicking below:

  2. Under the CRM reports section, select companies by industry.

  3. Select the required fields on the next page as listed below:

  • Users: Any specific users or all users including inactive users can be selected.

  • Added: Once this field is selected a drop-down menu opens allowing you to select from the available date ranges or a custom date range can be selected.

5. Once the fields are selected, click on generate.


All the data in the generated report can be exported into Excel.

All the other reports can be generated using similar steps as mentioned above.

To know more about other reports visit Introduction to Reports

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