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Self Import bulk data into Recruitly from, including custom fields, via CSV, XLSX, or XLS files.

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Recruitly enables users to import data from in bulk using CSV, XLSX, or XLS files, including custom fields. By uploading the file and mapping fields, users can seamlessly import data into Recruitly as Contacts, Companies, and Leads.


Make sure to add the custom fields from to Recruitly before initiating the import process. This ensures smoother mapping of fields during the import, facilitating a seamless transition of data.

You can click here to refer to the How to Create Custom Fields guide.

How to Import Data into Recruitly

Steps to map and import data

  1. Go to the Contacts/Companies/Leads section.

  2. Click the Import button in the top right corner.

  3. Choose the CSV file from the dropdown menu.

  4. The Import card will open, and upload your CSV, XLSX, or XLS file on the Import card.


    Here is the sample file for your reference: Sample Apollo CSV File

  5. Select Header Row: You'll be prompted to choose the header row. If your sheet contains row headings, they will be displayed along with the data in all the rows.

  6. Map Columns: You'll be prompted to map the columns or fields.

    • Ensure you map the appropriate columns in the file with the template fields in Recruitly.

    • Default fields and Custom fields added in Recruitly will be visible in the template fields.

    • Use the "Ignore this column" option if you don't want to update a specific template field.

  7. Verify Data: On this page, you can filter, search, add or remove data.

    • On this page, you can perform various actions to verify the data:

    • Filter records based on data with or without headers, filter invalid rows or perform find and replace the data.

    • Search data within specific columns or across all columns.

    • Add additional data to rows and click "Add" to include them.

    • Edit data in any cell by clicking on it.

    • Remove data by crossing out entire rows.

  8. Click on "Submit" to save the data in Recruitly.

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