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How to Create a Candidate Form?
How to Create a Candidate Form?

Create web forms to get candidate information by sharing the link on your website, newsletters, etc.

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This guide is designed to help you create an effective and customized candidate form in Recruitly, allowing you to gather essential information from candidates seamlessly.

By following this guide, you'll be able to customize and configure candidate forms according to your specific requirements.

Creating Candidate Form:

  1. Click on the Profile picture, select the System configuration, and click on “Candidate Forms” or click below:

  2. Click on the "+ New Candidate Form" button to initiate the creation of a new form.

  3. Customize the form by configuring the fields and labels according to your needs. Add or remove fields as required for comprehensive candidate information.

  4. Once the form is configured and saved, copy the form links and it can be added to your website to seamlessly integrate the candidate form. This ensures a smooth experience for candidates visiting your site.

Configuration of Candidate Form:

  • Name Your Form:
    Give a distinct name to your form, especially if you're creating multiple forms for different purposes.

  • Set Up Thank You Note:

    Configure a thank-you note that will appear after the candidate submits the form. This is an opportunity to express gratitude or provide additional information.

  • Field Settings:

    Choose whether each field should be mandatory, optional, or disabled. Tailor the form to gather specific information based on your requirements.

  • Custom Fields:

    If you have created custom fields, these will be visible on the form marked as custom. Enable or disable them based on your preferences.

  • Attachments/Files:

    Allow candidates to upload additional documents beyond their CV, such as images or specific file types. Specify acceptable formats.

  • Owner, Status, Source, and Tags:

    Assign owners, set status, identify the source or assign tags to track candidates for effective reporting and management.

  • Button and Fonts:
    Customize the appearance of the form by setting up buttons and fonts. Optionally, add custom CSS for a more personalized design.

For iframe code copy and paste your Link/URL in your link area, you can decrease and increase width and height according to your design.

<iframe style="width: 95%; height: 750px; border: 0px none; margin: 0px auto; opacity: 1; visibility: visible;" src="YOUR LINK"></iframe>


You can share the form link directly through emails, social networks, or chats to encourage candidates to fill in the required information.

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