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Ways to Add Candidates
Ways to Add Candidates

Adding candidates effectively is essential for maintaining a robust talent pool and streamlining your recruitment process.

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All users can add candidates to Recruitly. There are several different ways of doing this. This guide will help you understand how you can add individual/multiple candidates.

How to add a single candidate

This list will help you understand how you can add individual Candidates.

Steps to add a candidate:

  1. Use the + icon found at the top and select a candidate from the menu.

  2. Alternatively, click on the Create Candidate button situated on the top right. Click the below button to visit the candidate's section.

  3. Once you follow any of the steps above, a candidate form will open.

  4. Click to learn more about how to do Form Customisation.

  5. After filling in the mandatory and any other applicable fields, please save the form.

  6. Once saved the candidate record will be added to the database. ​

Add Candidates using the LinkedIn Chrome Extension

Recruitly seamlessly integrates with LinkedIn through its Chrome extension.

Check out our guide for step-by-step instructions to source Candidates using LinkedIn Extension

Add candidates using Candidate Forms

For detailed instructions, refer to this article on How to Create a Candidate Form.

Steps to use candidate forms:

  1. Once the candidate form has been created. The forms can be accessed from using the button below:

  2. Multiple forms can be created and the links to the same can be copied from the above link.

  3. These forms can be shared on your social media, website, and other platforms to gather candidate information.

Add multiple/list of candidates using CSV/Excel file

Follow the steps and mapping outlined in this article to seamlessly Import Data from CSV Files.

Add candidates using CV Parsing

Recruitly seamlessly enables you to parse candidate CVs in PDF or DOC format directly into the system.


Bulk parsing of CVs is also available, allowing you to parse up to 200 CVs per month across the company without any extra cost.

Refer to the How to Parse CVs for more information.

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