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Dialpad Integration

Learn how to connect your Dialpad account to Recruitly and configure it for the team

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Important Note

  • You must have admin permission in the Dialpad account.

  • You can not connect multiple Dialpad accounts to Recruitly, but multiple users in a single Dialpad account can use the integration once the account is connected.

1. Connect to your Dialpad account

Follow these steps to connect your Dialpad account with Recruitly.

  1. Navigate to the "Recruitly Marketplace" section or click below.

  2. Scroll down to the "Available Apps" section

  3. Click on Install button in the Dialpad card and follow on-screen instructions where you will be prompted to grant permission for Recruitly to access your Dialpad account.

After successful authentication you‚ will be redirected back to Recruitly, where you‚ will see Dialpad appear under Connected Apps. Click Configure to review your integration details.

2. Configure your Dialpad integration

Once you have connected your Dialpad account it is important to configure the integration for the data to flow properly and for Recruitly to capture the calls and assign to the right member of the team.

You can access the Dialpad Configuration Page by clicking on the Dialpad logo within the Connected Apps section of the Recruitly Marketplace, or simply by following this link:

  1. Enable Call Recording: Check this option if you want Recruitly record all calls and transcribe and add to notes automatically for you.

  2. Dialpad Users: Map your Dialpad users to Recruitly users. This is a mandatory step, without which your integration will not work.

  3. Activity Logging: Configure how you want the Outbound and Inbound calls to be logged within Recruitly. This is also a mandatory step, without which your integration will not work. Please note that this is a default setting, you can always change the activity type on your notes.

Once you have successfully configured user mapping and activity type mapping you will start to see all calls you receive/make added as Progress Notes in the corresponding records.

Uninstalling the Dialpad integration

  • Click on the Apps tab.

  • You should see Dialpad under your Connected Apps tab.

  • Click on the Uninstall button.

  • You will be prompted to confirm the uninstallation. Click ‚ Yes, Uninstall Dialpad App

  • This will uninstall the integration from Recruitly.

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