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Dialpad FAQ

Frequently asked questions for Dialpad

Updated over a week ago

Commonly Asked Questions

Q. Whenever I receive an incoming call, will Dialpad directly take me to Recruitly if that contact exists?

A. Yes! You will be taken straight to Recruitly if you already have their contact details saved so you can directly start working on them.

Q. Are the calls logged even if I do not dial them from Recruitly?

A. Yes. If the number that you dial exists in Recruitly and you have already connected your Dialpad with Recruitly, it will log the call under the specific contact’s activity section.

Q. Can I send an SMS' from Dialpad in Recruitly?

A. Due to limited API access from Dialpad, we currently do not support sending SMS' natively. However, you can get a virtual number from Recruitly to send SMS' for as little as 10 pounds. Check out more about it here.

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