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Candidate Portal: Configuration and Settings
Candidate Portal: Configuration and Settings

Streamline candidate interactions with our Candidate Portal: Configure and customize settings to optimize your recruitment process.

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To activate the Candidate Portal, kindly reach out to Recruitly support through chat or email. Upon contacting us, we will schedule a call to facilitate the activation of the Candidate Portal for your Recruitly account.

Once activated, you can personalize and tailor the branded candidate portal experience by navigating to System Configuration → Candidate Portal or by clicking below

Based on your unique preferences and requirements you can configure the below settings.

Enable Candidate Portal:

You can activate or deactivate the Candidate Portal feature for your account by toggling the switch.

Portal Domain:

Your unique sub-domain is assigned upon activation, and you can access your portal by simply clicking on it.

GDPR Configuration:

GDPR consent is managed by adding or extending it every time a candidate logs into the portal.

Send Activation Email:

An automatic activation email is triggered every time a new candidate is added to your system, simplifying the onboarding process.

Portal Logo:

Click on the logo section to upload an image from the system. The uploaded image becomes your company’s logo in the Candidate Portal.

Portal Theme Color:

Customize the background theme color to align with your company’s branding for a cohesive look in the Candidate Portal.

Portal Font:

Choose the suitable font style for your portal, ensuring a consistent visual identity throughout the Candidate Portal.

Portal Font Size:

Adjust the font size to enhance readability and provide an optimal user experience for candidates accessing the portal.

Pipeline Statuses Visibility:

You have the option to choose your preferred pipeline statuses. If no selection is made, candidates will only have visibility for job applications submitted via the portal/website.

Allow Pipeline Update:

Automatically update the job pipeline status when a candidate applies via the portal, provided the candidate is already in the pipeline.

Send Activation Email:

Enable this option to automatically send portal activation emails when new candidates are added, streamlining the activation process.

Allow Candidates to Create Password:

When enabled, candidates can set their own passwords for their portal accounts, offering a self-service option for enhanced security.

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