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Dynamic Dashboards Overview
Dynamic Dashboards Overview

Get an overview of how dynamic dashboards can help you visualize and analyze your data in real-time for better decision-making.

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Overview of Dynamic Dashboards

Dynamic Dashboards offer a flexible and user-friendly way to manage and visualize your data directly on your home page. Here's a brief overview of how to use Dynamic Dashboards:

Creating Dashboards:

  • Navigate to the home page (

  • Click on the "+ New Dashboard" button at the top right corner.

  • You can create multiple dashboards based on your needs.

​Types of Dashboard:

  • Build From Scratch: Customize your dashboard by adding different widgets according to your needs, starting from scratch.

  • Use a Template: Create a dashboard using available templates.

    There are three types of template:

    1. Growth: Growth dashboard gathers all vital information about your placements in one tab and visualize these insights to bring more visibility into the company's revenue processes. Refer to this guide for configuring the Growth Dashboard- Growth Dashboard

    2. Onboarding: Onboarding template helps you easily set up and use the system. It includes widgets to help you getting started, best practices, and staying updated with the latest system news.

    3. Recruiting QBR: Monitors quarterly business reviews related to placements, including billings.

Adding Widgets:

  • Within each dashboard, you can add widgets to display specific data.

  • Use the widget menu to select and add widgets that suit your requirements.

Managing Dashboards:

  • Customize each dashboard with different widgets and filters as needed.

  • Easily refresh, adjust settings, and change the view of individual widgets.

Dynamic Dashboards provide a dynamic and visual way to monitor and interact with your data directly from your home page. Explore the options and features to tailor the dashboards to your specific workflow.

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