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Why Can't I See Emails Exchanged with My Coworkers?
Why Can't I See Emails Exchanged with My Coworkers?

Are you unable to view emails exchanged with your coworkers? Let's find out why.

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This guide aims to clarify why certain emails may not be visible in Recruitly, ensuring users understand the platform's privacy policies and email synchronization preferences.

Emails and Privacy:

At Recruitly, we prioritize user privacy and comply with GDPR laws. We understand and value our users' privacy over everything else. This article tries to answer some of the sections you can find in -

Help! My emails with my coworkers do not show up!

Recruitly does not sync any internal emails whatsoever due to privacy reasons. Any emails shared within the organization will not show up on Recruitly.
For example, If Recruiter A creates a contact of Recruiter B, all the other recruiters would be able to see the emails exchanged between Recruiter A & B. This is not a viable solution so we do not sync any emails exchanged within the company to preserve the sanctity of a conversation.

Activity Privacy

Activity Privacy ensures that your email/note/event with contacts remain visible only to you, restricting access to other users within your organization.

Email Sync Preferences:

By default, all emails are synced to your Inbox. However, if you prefer selective synchronization, you can enable the option to sync emails only for the records stored in Recruitly. For example, if you turn on "Enable sync only for the records in Recruitly" and you get an email from a courier service for your order, that will not show up in Recruitly because the courier company's email is not stored in Recruitly.

Exclude Domains:

This is similar to sync preferences but on steroids. You can choose to specify a domain which you do want Recruitly to sync and we will not show any of those emails in your Recruitly Inbox.

For example, if you enter the domain "" in the exclusion list, you will not see any emails from that domain. Whether that be [email protected], [email protected] or any other email address.

Exclude Emails:

Exclude Emails lets you blacklist specific email addresses, ensuring you do not see emails from those addresses while maintaining visibility for other email addresses. This is handy if you only want to exclude a couple of email addresses.

For example, if you enter "[email protected]" in the exclusion list, you will not see any emails from that email address. However, you will still continue to see emails from other email addresses from Recruitly just fine. This will blacklist only that email address.

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