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Email Configuration
Email Configuration

Learn how to configure your email settings to ensure smooth communication.

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Configuring Email in Recruitly

Recruitly offers flexible email configuration options, allowing integration with various email providers. Here's a step-by-step guide:

  1. Navigate to Email Configuration:

  2. Choose Your Email Integration:

    • Recruitly supports integration with Google and Outlook for seamless email communication.

    • If you prefer another mailbox provider, select SMTP for a customizable setup.

  3. Integration with Google or Outlook:

    • Choose the respective integration option based on your email provider.

    • Follow the on-screen instructions to connect and configure your Google or Outlook email.

  4. SMTP Configuration:

    • If you opt for SMTP, enter the required details such as SMTP Server, Port, Username, and Password.

    • Customize additional settings according to your email provider's requirements.

By configuring your email settings in Recruitly, you streamline communication and ensure that emails are seamlessly integrated into your workflow. Whether you choose Google, Outlook, or SMTP, Recruitly provides the flexibility to align with your email preferences.

Activity Privacy

Toggle on the Activity Privacy options if you want to restrict access to email conversations in the activity section to the owner only. This provides enhanced privacy for your communications within the platform.

  • Keep all Emails Private

  • Keep all Notes Private

  • Keep all Phone Conversations (SMS/Voice messages) Private.

Exclude Domains

  • You can hide email conversations associated with a specific company by entering their company email domain.

  • This feature ensures that discussions with certain companies are excluded from your view.

Exclude Emails

  • Hide email conversations with specific individuals by entering their personal email addresses.

  • This functionality allows you to customize the visibility of email interactions based on individual contacts.

By utilizing Activity Privacy and Email Sync Preferences, Recruitly provides a personalised and secure environment, allowing you to manage and customise your communication preferences within the platform.

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