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CV Share via ATS Pipeline
CV Share via ATS Pipeline

Sharing candidate's CV's via the ATS/Job pipeline.

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Once a candidate is shortlisted for a job, the subsequent step for a recruiter is often to send the CV to the hiring manager.

Recruitly streamlines this process, allowing you to manage it through the ATS Pipeline and track it via the Candidate Share Pipeline.

Steps to share CVs for a Job:

  1. Go to the ATS/Jobs Pipeline by visiting

  2. Move the shortlisted candidate to the 'CV sent' status.

  3. If automatic prompts are enabled a pop-up will appear, allowing you to configure the share including the below:

    1. Toggle on the fields you want visible to the person you are sharing the candidate's profile with.

    2. Select the documents you wish to share.

    3. Choose whether to share the documents as attachments on the email and on the link.

    4. Select after how many days you want the link to expire, Once the share expires, the recipients cannot view the online profiles.

    5. Add the contact name and once the email template is reviewed

    6. Click on "Save" to Share the Candidates.

All shared CVs can be tracked in the Candidate Share module by clicking below:

Enabling Automated Prompts

​Refer to Enabling Automated Prompts for Job Pipeline guide for more information.

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