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Enabling Automated Prompts for Job Pipeline
Enabling Automated Prompts for Job Pipeline

Automatic prompts can open CV Spec, Interview Schedule, and Placement forms when the candidate status changes.

Updated over a week ago

Automatic prompts can be enabled to open CV Spec, Interview schedule and placement forms automatically when the Candidate status is changed to a specific Status/Stages/Pipeline.

Steps to enable automated prompts:

  1. Navigate to System Configuration and click ATS Pipeline:

  2. Click on the "Edit Stages" option on the top left.

  3. A sidebar listing all the status/stages/pipeline will open

  4. For the CV shared status, Interview status, and Placed status, locate and click on the settings icons beside the edit status button.


    The status/stages/pipeline can be renamed, by default it's named CV shared, Interview and Placed. However, if you see different names, look for the settings icon beside the edit option.

  5. You can enable automatic prompts for specific sub-stages as well.

  6. Automatic prompts are available for

    • CV Shared Status: The CV spec form can be enabled

    • Interview Status: The Interview Schedule form can be enabled.

    • Placed Status: The Placement form form can be enabled.

  7. Once the form is selected, click Save.

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