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Growth Dashboard - Stats
Growth Dashboard - Stats

Easily understand the source of the growth dashboard statistics.

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Gain a comprehensive understanding of the growth dashboard with the help of this article:

Here is a list of available tiles visible to you on the screen, let's explore the sources of the numbers displayed on the tiles:

  • Revenue - This data is sourced from the revenue recognition details in the placements section. Whenever you create a placement, ensure that the revenue recognition details are properly filled out.

  • Productivity - This average revenue is displayed to indicate overall productivity and is shown only for the selected date range in the filters above.

  • Interviews - These are all the scheduled candidate interviews, excluding events. Only interviews are displayed. You can customize this tile to show interviews scheduled from the pipeline and by activity type.

  • Jobs On - These display the number of jobs created for the selected period. You can customize the view to show jobs by status (e.g., open, closed, etc.).

  • Placements - This reflects all the placements created for the selected time period. You can also view pending records and create placements directly from there.

  • CV Shares - These stats represent the number of CVs shared using the "Submit CV" button only.

  • Leader/Top Performer - This is the top performer of your team, the person who generated the highest revenue for the selected period.

  • Invoices Not Sent -These are all the invoice values that haven't been sent out for placements. You can tap to link them to a placement.

  • Invoiced - These are the invoice values for all invoices raised against placements.

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