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Candidate CV share for a Job
Candidate CV share for a Job

Share CV's with clients and have the flexibility to choose specific details.

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Sharing CVs with clients is a widely adopted practice in recruitment, aiming to streamline the hiring process by promptly presenting CVs to clients. Recruiters have the flexibility to choose specific details they wish to share, granting clients access to candidate information for a defined period.

This collaborative approach enables clients to effortlessly review candidates and take actions such as requesting interviews, seeking additional information, or expressing interest in or rejecting candidates.

To share CVs for a specific job, follow these steps:

1. Navigate to the candidates section and select the candidate you wish to share.

2. Click on the "Submit CV" button, then select "Share CV for Job."

3. A detailed card will open, allowing configuration of the following fields:

  • Job: Choose the job for which the CV is being shared.

  • Candidates: This field will be automatically filled as you have already chosen the candidate you wish to share. Multiple candidates can be added from here.

  • Visible Sections: Select the fields you want to display to the contact. For example, if you only want to show Candidate Name and Overview, check those boxes, other fields will not be visible to the contact.

  • Documents: Choose Original CV, Branded CV, and Other Documents.

  • Share Name: Provide a custom name for the share.

  • Expiry Days: Select the duration you want the contact to have access to the record.

  • Share: Enter contact name/reference (multiple contacts can be selected), activity type, and default email template can be edited from here as required.

Click on the "Save and Share" button to share the candidate.

Default configurations for CV sharing, such as fields and email templates, can be set up at:

To refrain from sending emails every time you share candidates, you can check the "Skip Sending Email" button. This option is beneficial when sharing candidates frequently, as contacts can access recently shared candidates using the previous links they received via email.

When utilizing Bulk actions, follow these steps:

  1. Refer to the Help article on How to Perform Bulk Actions? for guidance.

  2. Select the “Share CV” option while using Bulk actions to share candidates.

  3. A dialog box will appear, prompting you to choose from options such as Speculative Share, CV Share for Job, and Internal Submission.

  4. Choose "CV Share for Job," and a detailed card will open, where fields can be configured as mentioned above.

  5. Click on the "Save and Share" button to share the selected candidates.

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