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Internal CV Share
Internal CV Share

Internal CV Share can be useful if you want to share a candidate’s CV internally with your team members.

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Internal CV Share can be useful if you want to share a candidate’s CV internally to get a second opinion or for approval purposes before you can send it across to the client.

To share CVs Internally, follow these steps:

1. Navigate to the candidates section and select the candidate you wish to share.

2. Click on the "Submit CV" button, then select "Internal Submission."

3. A detailed card will open, allowing configuration of the following fields:

  • Candidates: Multiple candidates can be added from here.

  • Job (Optional): If you intend to share a candidate's CV in connection with a specific job, you can choose the job from the dropdown menu. This step is entirely optional, as you can share a CV internally without associating it with a specific job.

  • Profile: In case you have created multiple candidate profiles that showcase different skills, tailored for specific job requirements, you can select the relevant profile to present a more comprehensive view of the candidate.

  • Owner: You have the flexibility to change the owner of the candidate before sharing the profile. By default, it is set to the record owner.

  • Primary Reviewer: Here, you need to choose who will be the primary reviewer of the candidate. This could be your manager, colleague, or any designated person within your organization. Upon selecting a primary reviewer and clicking Save, a notification will be sent to their account and email.

  • Secondary Reviewer: If you wish to involve a second person for additional input in reviewing the candidate, you can select a user from the secondary reviewer field. Similar to the primary reviewer, a notification is sent upon selection and saving.

  • Preview Share: Before finalizing and sending the candidate details to your colleague or manager, you have the option to preview what they will see. This allows you to double-check all information and provide any additional details you may have missed.

    Click on the "Save" button to share the candidate.

Default configurations for CV sharing, such as fields and email templates, can be set up at:

When utilizing Bulk actions, follow these steps:

  1. Refer to the Help article on How to Perform Bulk Actions for guidance.

  2. Select the “Share CV” option while using Bulk actions to share candidates.

  3. A dialog box will appear, prompting you to choose from options such as Speculative Share, CV Share for Job, and Internal Submission.

  4. Choose "Internal Submission," and a detailed card will open, where fields can be configured as mentioned above.

  5. Click on the "Save" button to share the selected candidates.

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