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CV Spec Filtering and Grouping
CV Spec Filtering and Grouping

Filtering and grouping CV Specs in the Candidate Share.

Updated over a week ago

Filtering and grouping CV Specs in the Candidate Share view have been enhanced with the board view.

How to filter and Group CV Specs

  1. Navigate to the Marketing Module and select "CV Spec Outreach" from the drop-down menu or click below:

Here's a guide on how to utilize the filtering options:

  • Filter by Shared on:

    • Specify a date range to display all CV specs shared within those dates.

  • Filter using Shared by:

    • View CV specs sent by a specific user by applying the Users filter.

  • Filter by Share Type:

    • Focus on CV specs sent through a particular share type by using the Share Type filter.

  • Filter by Group:

    • Results on the Kanban board can be grouped by User, Share Type, Share Name, Company, Contact, Candidate and Job.

Switch to List View to obtain a detailed view for each share by clicking on the list button on the top right.

These features provide flexibility and ease in managing and reviewing CV specs within the Candidate Share view.

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