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How to add tags from the Candidate List View?
How to add tags from the Candidate List View?

Adding tags enhances candidate identification and relevance.

Updated over a week ago

Adding tags to candidates in Recruitly is a simple yet powerful way to categorize and organize your candidate database. Using tags enhances your ability to efficiently manage and search for candidates. This guide will walk you through the process of adding tags directly from the Candidate List View.

Kindly follow the steps below -

1. Navigate to the "Candidates" section within the "Recruiting" module.

2. From the Candidate List View, select the candidates to which you want to add tags.

3. Locate the "Tags" option and click on "Add Tags" to open the tagging interface.

4. In the dropdown menu, you can select existing tags from the Master Data. Alternatively,   click on "Add New Tag" to create a new tag.

5. After selecting or adding the desired tags, click "Save" to apply the tags to the selected candidates.

Adding tags directly from the Candidate List View is a time-saving and efficient way to organize your candidate database in Recruitly. By utilizing this feature, you enhance your ability to categorize candidates, improve searchability, and customize your recruitment process. Take advantage of tags to streamline your workflow and make candidate management a breeze. Incorporate this simple yet effective method into your recruitment routine to experience a more organized and personalized approach to candidate tagging in Recruitly.

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